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Professional Profiles in Diversity:  Gary Krause

Energetic.  Enthusiastic.  Entrepreneurial.   Three words that describe Gary Krause, RN.

Gary is part of the underrepresented minority of males in the nursing workforce (6.6% in the Wisconsin Registered Nurse 2012 Report, WCN, 2013).  He took a fairly untraditional route to nursing, changing careers after a serious industrial accident prevented him from returning to his construction job.  That was over 25 years ago.  Today Gary is a successful nurse, businessman, and inventor with a passion for cardiac nursing and, especially, teaching.   Gary has parlayed that passion into a growing enterprise designed, as he says, to make things easier for nurses and other healthcare personnel, not to mention saving lives by properly identifying heart attacks. 

Gary’s business, EKG Concepts, LLC, grew out of a desire not to make money but to make complex concepts easier to comprehend.  An outgrowth of EKG Concepts was the creation of Rapid Cardiac Analysis Tools (R-CAT).  R-CAT products have been extremely well received, so much so that, according to the EKG Concepts website, “the Pocket R-CAT-12 for STEMI [ST segment elevation myocardial infarction] and the R-CAT Window for STEMI were voted ‘Hot Products’ at the JEMS EMS Today Conference and Expo in Baltimore, Maryland for 2012.”  In addition, “The Pocket R-CAT-12 for STEMI was awarded one of the top products of the year from EMS PRO Magazine for 2011” (retrieved from    One of his newest tools is RCR, a Rapid Capnography Resource that helps the user identify normal capnographic (end tidal CO2) waveforms, abnormal waveforms, and common causes of waveform abnormalities.  R-CAT products come in various user-friendly formats, such as pocket versions, large sized-laminated posters, and portable, smaller-sized posters with repositionable adhesive backing, all ideal for teaching and learning in any type of setting.

A self-described perfectionist, Gary notes that the path to success is certainly not easy.  In fact, he jokingly pointed out that it took 64 prototypes of a pocket version of the R-CAT 12 (for 12 lead EKGs) before it was completed to his satisfaction.  Persistence like this is something nurses possess.

Another nursing attribute that Gary has carried into his business venture is life-long learning.  He reports he not only had to work on developing his products, but he also had to learn how to market them, write business plans, find a distributor (WorldPoint), negotiate contracts, and be the face of his business at trade shows.  And his learning never stops.  He is constantly working on new products, which is no surprise – something of an insomniac, Gary has too many ideas, he says, to get much sleep.

Gary Krause has brought diversity to the Wisconsin nursing workforce.  His persistence, creativity, passion for nursing, and love of learning and teaching are but a few of the exceptional qualities of this remarkable nurse leader.   From construction worker to cardiac nurse to thriving entrepreneur, Gary sets an example for all of us.
Submitted by:
Ann Cook, RN, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor
Director, Master of Nursing (MN) Program
UWM College of Nursing

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