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Student Spotlight

WCN Stellar Student: Lorin T. Divine

Looking for Excitement & Adventure…. Nursing has It All!

Lorin T. Divine, a non-traditional nursing student at UW-Eau Claire College of Nursing, became fascinated by nursing and nurses while working as an orderly at a Level 1 Trauma Center. “I closely watched the critical care /emergency nurses, the nurse anesthetists and flight nurses each performing high tech skills and gently counseling families of critical patients. I thought what they did was so cool! “

At UW-Eau Claire Lorin is one of five males in a class of 48. He sees the number of males in nursing growing. “I was interviewed by the local news and I emphasized all the job possibilities in nursing, as well as the high tech knowledge and skills. I know men are looking for excitement and adventure and nursing has it all! It also offers job flexibility and opportunities for a long career.”


Lorin chose a one week immersion clinical in South Dakota with the Indian Health Services. “This experience made the textbook words of vulnerable populations and health disparities come to life. I quickly found that all of nursing is interesting; the cultural perspectives, community focus, preventive health, etc. In my clinical, I saw the uniqueness of each person; no one is a page out of the textbook. Nursing can really open your eyes to the world. “

For Lorin, entering college came after several detours. “I was not the best student in high school, always struggled with getting good grades, so I really needed support to return to school.” He joined the army for six years, and later decided to advance his education. An advisor at UW-Barron County encouraged that he had what it takes to thrive in a baccalaureate nursing program.

Through different healthcare experiences, Lorin has learned about his strengths and unique contributions to nursing. “I needed to become a creative problem-solver when I worked as a CNA at a long term care facility. Then, as an EMT and in the Army, “I learned how to not panic in a crisis and focus on priorities. In my nursing clinicals, I have found I have a knack for working with people and thinking holistically.”

College has also had challenges. “Balancing school, work and my family has been hard!” Lorin is eager to credit his wife, Dorothy Ann for making his educational advancement possible. “While I have been in college, she has literally done everything else and been my cheerleader. She keeps our home running smoothly so I can focus on studying.”


His advice to new college students is to treat college like a job. “Approach your college education as if you are already a nurse. Prioritize school (your ‘job’) and family. Do not be tempted by all the side tracts.” He is also a cyclist, musician, and endurance-sports fan, “I know these things can help me relieve stress, but they take a backseat to school. I know I will spend more time with these activities later.”

After obtaining his BSN, Lorin is considering becoming a CRNA or Nurse Practitioner. His friend, James, a CRNA, has been a mentor and role model, encouraging him to pursue a CRNA role. “I’m ready to enter the field of nursing and see where it leads me….so many choices are ahead.”

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