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Student Spotlight

2016 Stellar Students - Victor Tenorio

Meet Victor M. Tenorio:  A dedicated “non-traditional” student/recent graduate from Milwaukee Area Technical College. Victor shares his story as a second career student returning to college to make a difference in people’s lives.  His journey is inspirational. 

Victor reported that “After working for several years in construction and even before that, I ran my own business in my native country of Mexico.  During the course of these years, I noticed that I liked to help people, in one way or another.  I was working as a foreman for many years at a local company and helping people with construction and business. However, after working for years in these areas, I decided to do something different.”  Victor indicated that he wanted to pursue a career in the health professions so he could make a positive impact on people’s health.  “I started working as a medical assistant. It was more rewarding because I was helping improve people’s health.  Once enrolled in the nursing program, I found that nursing gave me the opportunity to directly help individual persons, families, and communities. Before nursing, I was building places for people to live and enjoy; within the nursing profession, I can provide care, teach, and promote wellness. I think that is even greater than building a stadium!  (By the way, my name is amongst the Miller Park Heroes, since I also contributed to its construction).  
However, the journey to completing a nursing degree presented several challenges for Victor. “English is not my first language. This was a barrier I needed to overcome.  I spent extra time studying because of this.  I also didn’t have a background in the sciences, which posed a second challenge.  It took me longer to study and it was challenging, but I was determined and completed the nursing program in May of 2016.    

When asked about his perspective on diversity in nursing, Victor indicated that “America is a great country comprised of people from varied backgrounds, cultures, and ways of life. I think it is very important to have diversity in health care. Nursing will be better with more ethnic groups represented.  Having a diverse nursing workforce will contribute to providing holistically appropriate care to address the needs, cultures and beliefs of a diverse population.  There is a great need for nurses to mirror the Latinos and other ethnic cultures in our communities and provide health care.  As a nursing student, I was able to provide care for individuals from diverse cultures.  I saw the difference it made for patients who were cared for by nurses with similar cultural and ethnic backgrounds.”
Victor advises other students who are pursuing a nursing degree to be dedicated and work hard. “Study hard, be dedicated and respectful to others, and let the instructors help shape your way of thinking.  Know your content, spend extra time studying, and immerse yourself in the field to provide better care.”  Victor is on his way to becoming a registered nurse.  “I am preparing to take the NCLEX exam. Then I will find a job and eventually pursue a BSN. By realizing that this profession is a profession of service, nurses are to serve and improve their communities.” 

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